Retirement Plan Information

Retirement plans are an excellent benefit, but they are also very complicated. One of the major drawbacks in establishing a qualified employee benefit plan is the management burden placed on the employer. SMI Pensions is a consulting and administrative firm specializing in the design and administration of qualified retirement plans. We offer the combined services of attorneys, actuaries and computer system specialists with up-to-date expertise in constantly changing laws, IRS rulings, and Department of Labor regulations to advise business owners of the benefits and legal requirements of retirement plans.

We assist our clients in establishing and maintaining new and existing plans, saving them significant labor and money. Our experience and emphasis on service ensures them of a smooth-running retirement plan. SMI Pensions can provide you with the assistance you need so that your qualified employee benefit plan is installed and administered efficiently. We can help you decipher the regulations, understand your responsibilities and make managing your retirement plan as easy as possible.