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“Spring” into Retirement Plans

Spring has sprung. I love the flowers budding, birds chirping…and the new beginnings for our businesses as we see the possibilities for the upcoming year. If you’re a business owner, consider what possibilities an employer-sponsored retirement plan will bring to you: your plan can attract and retain employees; your contributions can be tax-deductible to your […]

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Retirement and Young Adults

Nowadays, retirement is thought of as an event that is far in the future for young adults. In reality the future will be here sooner than we know it. There are many young adults that are not saving for retirement because of their current financial situation. This begs the question, if retirement security is so […]

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Pension Plan Administration Changes

Welcome to the new SMI Pensions website! This website will serve clients of three recently merged practices:  SMI Pensions, Sheffler Consulting Actuaries, Inc. and Peter L. Huntting & Co. We will provide up-to-date information on current pension and retirement plan topics for our present and future clients. Over the last year, there have been several significant […]

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