Pension Plan Administration Changes

Welcome to the new SMI Pensions website!

This website will serve clients of three recently merged practices:  SMI Pensions, Sheffler Consulting Actuaries, Inc. and Peter L. Huntting & Co. We will provide up-to-date information on current pension and retirement plan topics for our present and future clients.

Over the last year, there have been several significant changes to the operations of SMI Pensions (SMI).  One of our founding owners, Diane Martin, retired in December 2014.  The operations of Peter L. Huntting & Co., a full service third party administrator, were acquired in February 2015. Huntting Company had been a technical support client of SMI’s for decades, with Sheffler Consulting Actuaries, Inc. (SCA) providing actuarial services.

Currently, SMI is staffed with service-oriented 401(k) plan administrators and profit sharing plan support staff. We also have a significant portfolio of defined benefit and cash balance plan clients.  Sheffler Consulting Actuaries, Inc. supports SMI’s work for those clients.  As SCA is now part of SMI, along with Huntting Co., all three entities have a common management team.

This combination of talented professionals allows collaboration across a wide range of pension plan administration challenges.  For example, we have the tools to design and administer tiered allocations in 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans and cash balance plans. Our plan document preparation software has also become more robust allowing for increased flexibility in plan design for our clients.

The new SMI Pensions website will service clients by allowing client access to their annual reports. It will also enable electronic filing of IRS and Department of Labor forms.  This will lessen our clients’ administrative burdens.

SMI Pensions can provide you with assistance in installing a qualified employee benefit plan and in administering your retirement plan efficiently.

I invite you to read our monthly blogs and newsletters for current topics in retirement planning.  And, on behalf of the SMI Pensions team, all the best in your retirement planning.